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Dy·nam·ic (s)   
· Pertaining to or characterized by energy or effective action; 
· Dealing with the motion and equilibrium of systems under the action of forces,  usually from outside the system. 
Doc·u·ment Dy·nam·ics

· Creating effective methods and processes for timely management of documents and the data contained within them allowing stakeholders to take appropriate action regardless of the source or system from which they were generated.

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Text Box:       No matter what you call it, every business has one. Some call it the “dungeon.” To others, it’s the “attic” or the “basement.” If it’s still somewhat manageable, you may even call it the “file room.” Whatever its name, it’s voluminous, it’s paper, it’s growing, and it’s costing businesses an estimated $25 Billion annually to file, store and retrieve documents.

Your documents contain valuable data and business information. If available and properly used, this information can give your business or organization a real competitive edge. Left In paper form, its stagnant, motionless and possibly a lawsuit waiting to happen. Mobilize it, and you can empower your employees, colleagues, vendors and customers with important business information when and where they need it.

How?   Document Dynamics

Document Dynamics “puts your documents in motion” ™.   Imagine having your company’s documents, ( Invoices, PO’'s, Delivery Tickets, Requisitions, Proposals, Emails, Word® Documents, Excel® Spreadsheets, etc.)  all in a single electronic repository. Better yet, imagine accessing this information directly from your Accounting System, HR Software, Inventory Control Software or other Line-of -Business applications without the need for special programming. All your vital information right at your fingertips, in an organized, intuitive and secure user interface.

As an authorized value-added reseller of aXs Info and other industry leading document capture and image processing software, Document Dynamics has over 15+ years experience in the document management, information capture & forms processing arena. We have the expertise, software products, vendor relationships and industry experience to customize a comprehensive imaging solution for your organization that is both affordable and easy to manage and deploy.

From a departmental solution to one covering your entire enterprise, Document Dynamics is your complete imaging solutions provider. Our goal is to provide our customers with honest, straight forward imaging product and software knowledge to help them effectively take control of their information management needs by putting their documents to work for them,.

Put Your Documents in Motion  !  

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