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While most often referred to as “Document Management”, the industry has evolved over time to include such terms as; Enterprise Content Management or ECM, 
Electronic Document Management Software or EDMS,  Digital Asset Management, Imaging, Workflow, you name it. Whatever your terminology or acronym of choice, Document Dynamics can provide your organization complete document imaging and information management solutions from a single departmental installation to a full enterprise wide solution. 

Capture, Classify, Index, Store, Retrieve, Share, Manage, Distribute, Collaborate, Put Your Documents in Motion......

Document Capture Software & OCR/ Forms Processing Software

All imaging systems have some type of user scanning interface. Some are straight forward and intuitive while others can be clumsy & repetitive. The end users opinion of the interface often relates to the types of documents being scanned and the data to be captured from them.  Special circumstances call for special products. The success of any imaging solution is matching the level of sophistication of the software to the same level of need that both the process and the end user call for.  In other words, there needs to be symmetry between the capture process, the software and the end user

Forms Processing & Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software allow users to capture data from both structured and unstructured forms in situations where index information is contained in typewritten form within the document.  These types of software applications can be used as the ‘front end” to various imaging applications and workflow solutions. They are typically found in departments needing to capture large volumes of “structured” data such as delivery tickets where the information resides in the same location on each page,  or in “unstructured forms”, such as Payable Invoices where the type of document is the same but where the data location floats between documents. The key is to seamlessly integrate these special capture products to the “back end” imaging or workflow solution where they are eventually stored.

Document Dynamics has the expertise to analyze your organization’s challenging document storage needs and determine the appropriate fit between the proposed technology solution, end user, and data capture requirements.

Workflow Design and Analysis

Workflow is a relative term. As industry “buzzwords” tend to go they mean different things to different people. To some, workflow simply means document routing. To others, they refer to it as process engineering or re-engineering in order to automate a departments current way of handling their day to day business tasks.  It’s simply not enough to say that an imaging product has a workflow feature or module. There has to be a thorough understanding of the customer’s perspective as to exactly what processes and tasks they need to have automated.  This also requires the customer to have a thorough understanding of their own needs as well as a good handle on how the processes are currently being performed and where the bottlenecks to those process are.

Document Dynamics understands that any successful workflow implementation is the culmination of an in-depth discovery process where customer needs, pains and expectations are   documented, reviewed and addressed with a technology solution that actually “flows” rather than just mirroring their paper process in an electronic form.

Document Scanning / Microfilm Conversion Services
Document Dynamics provides document scanning and back file services for those customers who choose to take a “date forward” scanning approach for capturing their documents. This allows our customers to focus on capturing their most recent data themselves from a point-in-time forward perspective while letting us focus on capturing their remaining documents that are still under retention due to either industry regulations, corporate policies or other legal requirements. Contact Document Dynamics today to arrange for a site visit to review your documentation and indexing requirements. We will provide a free, no obligation cost and time estimate for putting your documentation back in your control.

Have older documents that reside on microfiche, microfilm jackets or roll film?  Let Document Dynamics convert these to digital images that can be imported directly into your imaging application.  We can provide a variety of output formats suitable for automatic importing into various imaging or forms processing applications. Conversely, if you require existing digital images to be converted to roll film, microfiche or microfilm jackets, we can provide project support for this type of conversion as well. Let a Document Dynamics representative speak with you today about all you microfilm conversion requirements.

Document Management Consulting
Maybe you’re new to the document imaging arena and don’t quite know where to begin. Maybe you’ve jumped in feet first but now realize you ‘re on “information overload” and need help sorting it all out. Perhaps you feel that you need even more information to make an informed decision on a software product. Or, maybe you’re already accustomed to the benefits of document imaging but are now ready to make a change because you’ve outgrown your outdated solution or perhaps your current imaging vendor no longer meets your needs or expectations. Let’s face it, times change, companies change ,and sometimes you just want to bounce something off of someone for a second opinion. You want an honest assessment of  what you have looked at software wise, vendor wise and may just need a little reassurance that you’re heading in the right direction, or not. You want an opinion from someone who isn’t trying to “sell” you something.

Document Dynamics can work with you on a consulting basis to either help you get started on your imaging quest or to help determine the best fit of technology and vendor to match your company’s information management needs. Give us a call or email and let’s get started !

Scanner Hardware

Today’s imaging solutions support a wide variety of scan hardware from a multitude of vendors. Böwe Bell & Howell, Canon, Fujitsu, Kodak, Panasonic, etc. all make high quality, production level scanners than can accomplish most any scanning task. There are two key components you want to look for in choosing a scanner for your operation. First make sure the scanner you choose supports TWAIN. TWAIN is “ a standard software protocol and applications programming interface (API) that regulates communication between software applications and imaging devices”   Second, make sure your scanner is supported and comes bundled with Kofax Virtual Rescan Software. Kofax Virtual Rescan Software or VRS is an image enhancement software that interfaces with the scanner and the imaging application and greatly improves image quality, reduces file size, increases accuracy of OCR ( Optical Character Recognition )  and removes unwanted lines, speckles, hole punch marks and other background imperfections.

Document Dynamics can help recommend the best scanner model to meet your company’s needs by evaluating your data capture requirements and determining the appropriate scanner fit based on rated scanner speed, thru put capabilities and anticipated daily scan volume. 

Document Shredding /