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aXs Info has been designed for ease of use and fast implementations. We know that the power of any software application is the speed in which your employees adapt it to their day-to-day activities. Built on an open architecture, aXs Info is both flexible and scalable.

aXs Workgroup Edition: 

Designed specifically for small to medium sized organizations who need to manage records in either single or multiple departments, aXs workgroup is built on the cornerstones of  security and ease of use. Core functionality includes a runtime SQL database, standalone or networked,  scanning and indexing capabilities, intelligent search and retrieval of documents, and distribution of stored documents by print, or email. aXs Workgroup storage and Record Management function ensure that your organization meets retention schedule  requirements and compliance issues for your valuable information.

aXs Business Edition: 

Provides the next step towards a truly integrated Information and Document  Management solution. aXs Business includes enhanced functionality and scalability at the user and  application level. Not only can the users scan, store, and retrieve information, but they can also print from  virtually any application directly into their aXs solution utilizing the aXs Virtual Print Driver. Scanned documents can be indexed with OCR  technology or to eliminate re-keying, and the text can be used for enhanced retrieval. At the application level, aXs Business includes aXs Integrator, which allows you to retrieve information and documents from almost any internal application without the need of switching back and forth between programs.

aXs Enterprise Edition: 

Provides the ability for any organization to manage information and documents 
anywhere at any time in virtually any form. aXs Enterprise includes the core functionality of aXs Workgroup and aXs Business plus aXs Web. A complete end-to-end package that is scalable to meet your company, corporation, and enterprise needs.

aXs Info, is a powerful, full featured solution for Information and Document Management. aXs Info enables users to capture, store, retrieve and manage the critical business information that flows through their company. In turn, this empowers businesses to create better efficiencies and improve overall productivity.

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• Scan paper documents with a wide variety of scanners
• Advanced batch scanning and indexing capabilities facilitating high volume scanning/input
• Barcode support
• Advanced scanned image clean up
• Support of most standard file formats

Store & Index

• Unlimited user definable index fields
• Process immediately or in batches
• Automatically index documents through aXs Info auto keyword fill-in
• OCR options for document, page or selected area


• Easy administration
• Print, fax, email or export documents
• Records retention and records management built in
• Security access and feature rights definable by both users and groups


• By department, document type, and keywords
• Search by keyword, full text search, and Boolean/fuzzy search
• Link related documents through document cross-linking
• Place sticky notes on text and images
• Display black and white, color or grayscale images
• Thumbnail support for multiple page documents
• Sectional or full page zoom capabilities
• View audit trail of all documents